How Quick To Buy A House... 

                              Ok! Before I start talking about the company, I will start of first by showing you how we help people with their properties. Here at Prestige Elite Group we have a easy 5-step system that we use when we buy houses fast for cash. But first I have some reasons that you may want to find a "we buy houses fast cash", "we buy   and sell houses" investor.


                                                                   Facing a Foreclosure on mortgage - If you have notice of default, and you don't know what to do to escape your home bill.. I can show you a option about a short sale, or your just tired of paying for your property and you reach the point where you just want to let go, We want to talk with you at Prestige Elite Group . We are a foreclosure expert that has been helping many homeowners navigate the foreclosure process so that they can move on happy to a stress free life.


                                                                   Divorce - In the economy of today divorce might be a expensive decision and I truly understand it can impact                                                                        you financially. Because its already hard, where you have to split up your stuff, pack to move out, prepare your house to sell, find a licensed realtor, wait for offers, and end up closing in 4-8 months and that's if it don't take longer. That is why working with an investor like us can be a wonderful option. Because we buy houses in any condition!


Moving Out Of State - Right now it is a buyers market.  That means that there is a lot homes on the market that is selling for cheap so buyers have the upper hand and a lot of inventory to pick from now.  Banks are basically giving away homes with these low prices making your job of selling for a reasonable price, in a reasonable time frame even harder.  Working with us allows you to quickly sell with a qualified "cash" buyer that can close quickly allowing you to move out faster.


Inherit An Unwanted Property - A lot of times if a loved one passes away and they own a property, you might end up being the new owner.  Tons of maintenance, yearly property taxes, & stressful property management come along with owning a rental property.  You may not want to take on this much responsibility...that's where Prestige Elite Group come in!  We own rentals for a living and want to talk with you if your interested in seeing what we are willing to pay for your inherited property.  Just fill out the form by clicking the button to the right ---->

Job Loss - If you have just lost your job, the last thing you need to worry about is the burden of paying for your home each month.  If you have equity locked up in your property, call us and let us show you just how simple it is to get an all cash offer within days.  We buy houses fast cash!


Out Of State Landlord - We know managing a property can be a huge task to handle.  Managing an out-of-state property can be impossible. Paying for a professional property management company to mange your rental(s) can be expensive and it takes away all the cash flow out of your deal.  If you want to sell your rental, call us and let's see what we can work out.


We buy houses as is, Below Is our 5-Step Selling Process:

  1. Initial consultation to collect data. Start by completing the form. Click Button Below

  2. Sign a purchase contract. We can fax, email, or mail it to you instant.

  3. We evaluate your property and give you an all cash offer.

  4. Closing takes place through a licensed title company legally. The title agent will come to you to close in some cases.

  5. You get your money fast. We can wire it or give you a check.


Selling your home has never been so easy.  No matter why you want to sell (divorce, death in the family, job loss / relocation, facing foreclosure) We want to talk with you Today.  Prestige Elite Group have solutions to your housing problems and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to do business with us. We will walk you through the process step by step and do all the work for you so you don't have to! Remember that we buy houses in any condition also we buy and sell houses.



                Garry Pompee 

Founder Of Prestige Elite Group



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